Tracy Mitrano: Every Democrat County Committee Supports My Campaign

June 25, 2020

From The Tracy Mitrano Campaign:

The Tioga County Democratic Committee has endorsed Tracy Mitrano’s campaign, becoming the 11th and final Democratic committee in the district to formally support her bid to represent the 23rd congressional district. “We’re happy to be a part of an effort across the district where all county committees have endorsed her,” said TCDC chair Max Della Pia. “Tracy’s focus will not be monied special interests, but the people of Tioga County, which will be a refreshing change.”

“I’m delighted to bring Tioga into the fold with the other counties in the district that fully endorse of our campaign,” says Mitrano. “With the support of all the Democratic county committees and many other endorsements, we are driving with momentum to defeat Tom Reed in November.”

Home, But Not Alone

Candidates typically meet in person with party committees, but New York state shut down face-to-face meetings on March 14. At the time, Mitrano had seven committee endorsements in hand with four to go. She’s had to meet the challenges covid-19 poses to campaigning in general, when there are no parades or other events where politicians can meet and greet voters.

“I meet with donors, volunteers and other supporters, as well as those four Democratic committees, through the use of video conferencing technology,” said Mitrano. “It’s not the same as meeting people in person, which is what I really enjoy. But having to rely on the Internet makes it obvious that this district needs broadband access!”