Two New Ambulances For Hornell

June 14, 2022

Hornell, NY- The City of Hornell recently added two new ambulances to its fleet. These 2022 Chevy Expresses will replace a 2008 with about 230,000 miles and a 2009 with about 240,000 miles. The bid for these new ambulances was awarded to North Eastern Rescue Vehicles, Inc.at the Board of Public Safety meeting in September 2021, but just arrived here in the City last week.

“These new ambulances are much needed and a welcome addition to our fleet. As neighboring volunteer EMS services continue to decline, our ambulance service continues to fill the void providing coverage not only to City residents, but to many other municipalities in this part of Steuben County”, said Mayor John Buckley.

With the increasing call volume and number of transfers it’s not unusual to have numerous ambulances out at a time. In addition to calls within the City limits our paramedic teams are responsible for transferring patients to other facilities that can be as far as 150 miles away.

“We rack up a lot of miles on these ambulances and its imperative to the safety of the patients we transport that our equipment is in top shape,” said Chief Frank Brzozowski. “We are seeing more and more transports, as services available locally continue to be reduced”.

The Hornell Fire Department averages about 330 calls a month and puts an average of 12,000 miles on its fleet in just one month’s time.