Update On JT Central

August 23, 2021

From Canisteo-Greenwood School Superintendent Tom Crook:

The Greenwood building was cleaned out yesterday (Sunday) to make room for cleaning crews today and this week. Ongoing assessments are being made for their needs and we will have a better picture later this week. Many are involved from GST BOCES, Erie 1 BOCES, the county and GST Superintendents.

The post below, is from the Jasper-Troupsburg School Superintendent LeeAnne Jordan, and it’s from Saturday:

All permanent records, student records, and memorabilia of our history were marked for restoration. They will be removed tomorrow by a company that specializes in this type of damage, and will go through a process of repeated freezing and drying and will be returned to us sanitized.
All uniforms and the backpacks that we are so excited about were removed this morning, and are on their way to be deep cleaned and sanitized through a special process. We will have uniforms for our first games and backpacks for all students for the first day. Each of these items will be certified to be free of bacteria and mold and will be individually bagged when they are back in our hands.
Servpro is set up in the high school parking lot, with a crew of 17 today. Tomorrow the crew will increase to 46, and will be at 60 by the end of next week. Servpro will be cleaning the building and removing all items that are destroyed and unsalvageable. Also at school today was the hygienist, who took several baseline samples from various locations. When Servpro has completed their clean-up, the hygienist will return to retest each of the original sample sites. The final testing must reveal that our building is free from bacteria or any contaminants.
At the Greenwood building, fire inspection and elevator repair have been taken care of by BOCES and Canisteo-Greenwood. CG Superintendent Tom Crook, our high school principal, Dawn Shanks, and our facilities director, Lou Zver, spent most of the day in Greenwood discussing a game plan. As you may have seen, Mr. Crook has organized a work day tomorrow at 10 am. The day will consist of moving any equipment that cannot or will not be used to the bus garage, throwing items in dumpsters, moving furniture, etc. Any one who is interested in helping can meet at the Greenwood building.
Sports practices will still begin on Monday, with all soccer and cross-country practices happening at our Jasper-Troupsburg sports complex. Please check the JT website (athletics tab) for times and information about where to park.