Update On Zuckerberg Verses Ceglia’s Attorneys

April 21 2015

NEW YORK, NY – LitigationDaily.com is reporting that Mark Zuckerberg’s lawsuit that alleges that the lawyers who represented Paul Ceglia, who sued Facebook, were guilty of malicious prosecution.

That lawsuit began yesterday in a federal court in New York City.  One of the defense attorney’s for Ceglia’s attorneys said quote: “Plaintiffs say this is a textbook case of malicious prosecution, well, not according to the laws of the state of New York.”  Another of the attorney’s said quote: “Advocacy is not deceit.”

Hornell attorney Paul Argentieri was the original lawyer for Paul Ceglia, but Argentieri was not mentioned in the online article by LitigationDaily’s story, though other media outlets have reported that Argentieri is one of the lawyers who is being sued by Zuckerberg.

The article did say thought, that the defense attorneys for Ceglia’s lawyers, want the case dismissed, and that the judge did not say when she will rule.

Click here to read full story from Litigation Daily.  (though you may have to pay to see this page)