What’s Going On In Judge Pat McAllister’s Court Today

May 10 2022
By Jasmine Willis

BATH, NY – Things are under way in Judge Pat McAllister’s courtroom in Bath, for the proceedings in the case of the New York City Young Republicans Club’s lawsuit against Governor Kathy Hochul’s approval of the state assembly maps.

Discussion has been going on about the state assembly’s legislative maps and the New York State primary. Judge McAllister has expressed concerns that there might not be enough time to change the assembly maps. McAllister has also said he has concerns that there will be an appeal after his ruling: an appeal which could possibly delay the primary date, even more.

Attorney George Winners says that Gary Greenberg had plenty of time in feb to fight this but waited until may and that if this goes through we wont have enoug time for elections.

Attorneys Foldenauer and Walden are represting Greenberg. They maintain that all the candidates with no voice to change the maps and make the primes on August 23, instead of a June primary.

Foldenauer and Walden argue that there was a back room deal made by both parties and it doesnt give the voters a voice, they also maintain that there could be possible future rigged votes and that this will make NYS elections into a joke.