UPDATE: Zuckerberg and Facebook Vs Ceglia’s Attorneys

December 31, 2015
NBC News reports that Mark Zuckerberg’s case against DLA Piper, Milberg, and most of the other attorneys who represented Paul Ceglia, in Ceglia’s lawsuit for ownership of Facebook, that lawsuit by Zuckerberg has been dismissed.
However, Facebook officials say that they will continue their malicious prosecution lawsuit against Paul Argentieri, who was Ceglia’s original lawyer. But it doesn’t end there, because Paul Argentieri has a lawsuit where he claims that the malicious prosecution case against him, is defamation by Mark Zuckerberg. “As for me, I am a small town, sole practitioner who believes in the rightness of my client’s lawsuit and have refused to cave in to the defendants’ threats,” said Argentieri in a recent court document, submitted by San Francisco attorney Paul Alioto. “Since I have represented Paul Ceglia from the beginning and continue to do so, it appears to me that it wouldn’t have done for them not to sue me too.” Argentieri went on to say that he has “never been professionally disciplined or accused of improper, unethical or illegal conduct before the defendants issued the statement about me. My reputation as a lawyer has never before been impuned and at one time I was accepted to become a Special Agent for the FBI and received a security clearance from the government. I decided not to accept that position, deciding instead to become a practicing lawyer.”
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