About WLEA

AM 1480 WLEA is a newstalk radio station in Hornell NY, that began broadcasting in the late 1940’s. One of the original owners was Skip Huff.   WLEA, since 1951, was owned by the Hornell Broadcasting Corporation, and Charlie Henderson was the main stockholder.  Henderson sold the radio station to Kevin Doran on June 1, 1972.  Doran sold Wlea to Chicago millionaire Herb Channick in 1980.  Kevin always spoke highly of Channick, considering him to be his nicest boss ever.  Herb Channick sold Wlea and Wckr (which Channick got on the air in 1981) back to Doran, in 1990.  Herb Channick passed away in June of 2011, Kevin Doran died in October 2015.  After Kevin’s death, the owner, his widow Mary Margaret, and sons General Manager Brendan, and program director Brian, helped pave the way for the installation of Wlea’s FM translator, 106.9 W295CW, which went up in July 2020. 

1AM-5AM Coast To Coast AM
5AM-830AM This Morning With Gordon Deal
8AM Fridays – Joel Oriend’s Bills Mafia Talk
830AM-9AM – Newsmaker Show
9AM-12PM – Brian Kilmeade Show
12PM-3PM – Clay Travis And Buck Sexton
3PM-6PM – Sean Hannity
6PM-9PM – Dave Ramsey
9pPM-11PM – John Batchelor
11PM-1PM Jim Bohannon

1am-5am–Coast To Coast AM
5am-6am – This Morning With Gordon Deal
6am-8am – Best of The Brian Kilmeade Show
8am-9am – Home Improvement Radio Show
9am-10am The Prete Is On
10am-11am – Our American Stories
11am-12pm Eye on Veterans
12pm-3pm – Clay Travis And Buck Sexton
3pm-6pm – Sean Hannity
6pm-7pm CBS Eye On Travel
7pm-9pm – Law Enforcement Radio
9pm-10pm – Fat Guys At The Movies
10pm-1am – Tom Sullivan

1AM-5AM – Ark Midnight
5AM-7am – Law Talk Radio
7AM – Marian Hour
7:30AM-8AM Infotrak
8AM-9AM – Baptist Church Hour
9AM-10AM – Medical Clinic Radio
10AM-11AM – Teresa Tomeo
11AM-12PM -Jason Chaffetz Fox News Hour
12PM-1PM – Meet The Press
1pm-2pm – Fox New Sunday
2PM-5PM – Handel on the Law
5pm-6pm – The Take Out Show
6pm-8pm – Jill On Money
8pm-9pm – American Healthcare Advocate
9pm-10pm – TV Confidential
10pm-1am – Bill Cunningham