Buckley Kicks Off City of Hornell’s Hometown Hero Banner Program

May 15th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor John Buckley proudly hung the first banner this morning in Hornell’s newly established Hometown Hero Banner Program. “So many of the neighboring communities have been doing this now, I thought it would be appropriate if Hornell got on board.” said the Mayor, “Back when I was running for office, this was one of my goals.”

Buckley said with the cooperation of the AmVets, American Legion, and the VFW, he was able to get the program up and running. Buckley added that the applications are pouring in and the first banners will be placed on Main and Seneca Streets. The cost of each banner is $125. Banners will be displayed for three years with an option for renewal at that time. Contributions toward the program will also be accepted.

Each individual banner will be to honor a specific “Hometown Hero” who has served or is currently serving our country. The red, white, and blue banners will feature the name of the service person, their branch of service, era of service and a service photo of the veteran or service member. The banner will be the same design on both sides. They will be displayed from Memorial Day through Veterans’ Day. All banners will be placed randomly.

For more information on the program, or to purchase a banner, you can contact City Hall at 324-7421.