City Accepts Low Bid for More Sanitary Sewer Lining

May 16th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – The Hornell Board of Public Works passed a resolution Thursday morning on the recommendation by MRB to award the bid for “Sanitary Sewer Lining” to the low bidder, Skanex Services, for $216,275. According to DPW head Mitch Cornish, there were as many as 5 bidders and all were within a few thousand dollars of each other.

Cornish added, “We did a sewer lining project on Ontario Street last year and the bids came in so well that we had $200k plus left over, so CEBG let us rebid some extra work that will soon take place on Adsit , Hornell, and Steuben Streets.” This will be the first time the city has done business with Skanex Services.

Water Pollution Control Plant head Rich Dunning said that despite all the rain we have been having, the plant is still running efficiently and on schedule. Flow at the plant is currently at 4 million gallons a day, and according to Dunning that 2 times what they usually see. “The plants handling it well,” said Dunning, “It’s not any problem for the plant to handle that kind of volume.”

Water Treatment Plant Supervisor Len Fucci said that they are waiting on a bids that should be in this afternoon at 2pm for the Water Treatment Plant tank replacement. Fucci  also noted that water usage in the city is still continuing to decline since they patched up multiple leaks over the past few months.

And finally permission was granted for a Summer Field Day to be held at Shawmut Park on July 18, and a block party behind the Association during Gus Macker weekend.

            Len Fucci & Joe Liberto