Cornish Says Hornell DPW Prepared for Winter Storm Harper

January 17th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – DPW Head Mitch Cornish told the Board of Public Safety Thursday morning that his crew is prepared for the upcoming storm due this weekend. “They have already given the storm a name, and its Harper,” chuckled Cornish. “Were supposed to get a little snow Friday, and Saturday night into Sunday morning they are expecting anywhere from 5 to 20 inches, depending on the path of the storm. Our trucks, plows, and salt is all ready to go.”

Cornish also wanted to get out to the board and to the public that it is against the law to shovel snow into a roadway. “I will be having my employees looking out for violators and they will be reported to the Hornell PD. Shoveling snow from driveways or parking lots into the road can create hazardous conditions for traffic.”

Water treatment plant operator Rich Dunning told the board that because of the new bar screen installed at the plant and its ability to separate waste water much more efficiently, a new septic dump station is required. “A lot of our revenue came from allowing Septic Haulers such as Larry’s latrines to dump directly into our system, but with the new screen certain components are getting overtaxed and throwing breakers.” The addition of the new station, similar to one used in Dansville, will cost around $18,000.

Water Filter Plant operator Len Fucci said water usage is still up and he, along with the city, are still locating and fixing leaks that are responsible. “We just repaired a leak at Boces, and were still looking at leaks on Riverside Place, Stearns and Stearns building, and Maple and Collier Streets. There was also a break at the state DOT building that will be addressed.”