Criminal Arrests in Hornell Spike in May

June 13th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Police Chief Ted Murray told the Board of Public Safety Thursday morning that criminal arrests have spiked the last few months. “Arrest are up sharply, almost double from what we usually have,” explained Murray, “We also have a substantial increase in criminal investigations that have been completed and are ongoing.”

Murray said he mostly attributes the increase to drug use and sales, pointing out methamphetamine as the primary culprit. “We really have been hitting it hard,” said the chief, “And we are having an impact, but unfortunately with the current arrest and release system people are getting out of jail or rehab and getting right back into it.”

Fire Chief Frank Brzozowski said his department is happy to get back their refurbish ambulance from Simmons Rockwell recently. According to Brzozowski, the Fire Dept. saves thousands of dollars each year by refurbishing their ambulances instead of buying new ones. The chief also reported that backyard fires have become a nuisance recently with the wave of nice weather. “We have had quite a few complaints on that,” stated the chief, “And even if your fire is within city code ( 2’ by 2’ within a pit), we can still ask you to put it out if it is annoying a neighbor.”

Code enforcement Officer Bud Burdette said that there is a county tax auction coming up July 10th and there will be at least 10 or 12 properties from Hornell up for auction. Also he said that overgrown lawns are becoming a problem as some people cannot keep up with it.

And finally the board approved a block party on the 4th of July on Oak Street. Buckley said that even though the road will be closed, local residents and emergency vehicles will still have passage.