Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy Issues Statement About NYS Legalizing Marijuana

June 18, 2019

Statement From Former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy:

“New York’s lawmakers have just a few days to show the nation they won’t be duped by Big Marijuana’s empty promises and deliberately deceptive rhetoric. Legalizing pot in New York will not lead to social justice, empowerment for minority communities, an end to the opioid crisis or mountains of revenue to close budget gaps. It will make money for a predatory industry and take lives. Despite the claims of the pot industry, the mental and physical health impacts, the real public safety concerns and the costs to taxpayers will be significant if not irreparable. I implore our elected officials not to listen to Wall Street investors and vote on the side of parents, teachers, clergy, doctors, treatment specialists and law enforcement. Don’t be duped. Get this right.”