Hornell Board of Public Safety Update

April 11th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – Two resolutions were passed Thursday morning at the monthly Board of Public Safety meeting. The board accepted the resolution of Ashley Emo from the Hornell PD. Emo has an opportunity to work in Florida where she has family. “Ashley was a great addition to the police department and that’s going to be a hard position to fill,” said Buckley, “Were going to miss her.” Emo has worked for the HPD for just under one year.

The second resolution was to appoint Mary Pieklo matron for the HPD. Pieklo is currently a crossing guard for the cities school system. Police Chief Ted Murray told the board that they are currently short on matrons and the addition of Pieklo will be a big bonus. “We are very pleased to have someone of Mary’s caliber come on board and help us out. We are hard pressed at the moment with the loss of female officers so this helps fill that void.”

Chief Murray also explained that young officers are currently being trained to conduct narcotic investigations unassisted. “Were teaching them process of obtaining and carrying out search warrants, and also how to use various equipment at our disposal in the department pertaining to a drug arrest.”

Also in attendance was Valorie Whitehill, the new director for HPG. She gave the board a run down on the events planned in the city for the summer months.