Hornell Common Council Adopts 3 Resolutions

April 22nd, 2019

HORNELL, NY – The 1st resolution rescinded at Monday night’s meeting was an original resolution adopted in February that hold landlords accountable for criminal activity on their property and replaced it with one with more lenient on fees. In the old resolution, landlords could be charged up to $250 for allowing drug trafficking on their property. The new resolution lowers that amount to $35 or $70, depending on the time of day, and reads as follows;

“Whenever a person has been arrested within a premises/dwelling within the City of Hornell for any offense defined within Article 220 of the Penal Law for the State of New York, said arrests shall result in a mandatory inspection of said property by the Codes Office of the City of Hornell to insure that dangerous conditions do not exist within said premises/dwelling, and in addition thereto, the owner of said property shall be subject to a fee of no more than $35.00 if said inspection is conducted during business hours and $70.00 if said inspection is not conducted during business hours with said inspection resetting the 30 month inspection requirement as a result of such nuisance activity existing within their premises/dwelling.”

On the 2nd resolution, the City of Hornell will end the use of NYS Office of Community Renewal loan repayments as a revolving loan fund for economic development activities and will cease the use of loan repayments for new housing activities.

And also, all payments on OCR-funded loan awards and/or grant awards will be held until the end of each fiscal year, at which time the funds will be remitted to OCR if totaling more than $35,000, or will be retained by the City as Miscellaneous Revenues if totaling less than $35,000.

The 3rd resolution allows the Mayor of Hornell to sign a continuing agreement between the City of Hornell and the State of New York providing for the undertaking of the project to provide public mass transportation service on a continuing basis, and authorizing annual grant applications for federal financial assistance for public transportation in rural and small urban areas by way of a formula grant program that will be administered by NYS.

He now will also be authorized to sign any agreements between the City of Hornell and any third party subcontractors necessary to complete the Projects and keep the system up and running.