Local School Board Results

May 22 2019

School budget votes were held yesterday, and the budget passed in Hornell, as did the two Hornell bus props. In Hornell it was 217 yes votes and 70 no votes, so it passed with 75 percent of the vote. The winner of the Hornell School Board race was Meghan Khork.

In Canisteo-Greenwood, the budget passed, 282 yes, 71 no, and the three props, the asbestos abatement, the bus reserve and library levy all passed at Canisteo-Greenwood. Two sitting board members were re-elected in Canisteo-Greenwood, Dr. Bruce MacKellar and Jason Mullen, and Heather Cox was elected to the Canisteo-Greenwood board.

At Arkport Central, voters approved the budget 202 to 56. Also, the bus and vehicle props were approved, and Patrick Flaitz and Tracie McCarthy were voted on to the school board.

Canaseraga Central School vote results, the budget passed, 132 yes votes over 43 no votes. The bus and library props also passed in Canaseraga. Lester York and Jason Kernan were elected to the Canaseraga school board.

Jasper-Troupsburg – Budget Passed, 126 yes, 26 no
Andrew Cornell is voted on to the school board at JT
Capital Reserve Prop passes 121 yes 31 no