Molinaro Says Politicians Need To Tone It Down

October 29, 2018

Statement From GOP Candidate For Governor Marc Molinaro:

New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro today issued a “Civility Challenge” to incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo for the remaining days of the 2018 gubernatorial race. Election Day is next Tuesday, November 6th.

Mr. Molinaro called on Mr. Cuomo to suspend all “negative” television, radio, digital, telephone, and mail advertising for the remainder of the campaign, and to join him in keeping public remarks and materials on the issues and free from vitriol and hyperbole. Mr. Cuomo, known for playing bare-knuckle politics, began calling for civility at the end last week when high-profile incidents of political and anti-Semitic violence broke out.

“Civility begins with each of us; we are all responsible for our own rhetoric,” Mr. Molinaro, the Dutchess County Executive, said. “Anger and divisiveness will destroy our state and nation if we don’t take proactive steps to tone down the discourse. What I am proposing is that Governor Cuomo join me in showing America how leaders can conduct themselves in the remaining days of this election cycle, with the hope that it catches on. I’m asking him to put his money where his mouth is.”

Concluded Molinaro, “The disturbing events of the past week have made it clear that the tone is too fevered, our divisions too deep – leaders on both side of the aisle have a responsibility to bring people together – and it must start today. Andrew Cuomo is my opponent, not my enemy, and whether he accepts this challenge or not, I remain committed to running a campaign on the issues, as I always have been, right through Election Day.”