Public Hearing on the Baron Wind Project in Fremont Packs the House

June 19th, 2019

FREMONT, NY – The Steuben County IDA held a Public Hearing Wednesday evening on the possibility of granting the Baron Wind Project subsidies or a PILOT on building 65-67 wind turbines in the Fremont Township. The IDA affirmed that no decision has been made at this point and resident input was crucial to their final decision.

The IDA has been asked to provide $5,300 per megawatt in assistance for the project, which the majority in attendance vehemently opposed. The Public Hearing was on a sign up basis to speak, with each speaker only allowed two minutes to make a point and express their opinion with no questions or answers allowed.

Although the majority was against subsidizing a company that is already heavily subsidized, there were a few that were all for the project. Below are excerpts from people on both sides at the meeting: