Statement About Fundraising, From State Senate Candidate Borrello

May 29, 2019

From The George Borrello Campaign:

Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello, who is running for state Senate to succeed the recently retired Senator Cathy Young, today announced his campaign has received over $20,000 in local donations in the course of only two weeks. Borrello, the endorsed candidate for the Republican, Conservative and Independence Parties, is thankful for the strong local support his campaign has received so far and trust our residents have put into his positive, forward-thinking plans for this region.

“I’m running for state Senate to provide a strong voice for our communities,” Borrello said. “Seeing the outpouring of support from volunteers going door-to-door, and now from so many residents willing to donate their hard-earned money to support my campaign has truly been humbling. Most of the donations were in the $25 to $50 range. So this strong fundraising start demonstrates the broad range of support I’m proud to have from the hard-working people of this district.”

“As our next state Senator, I will advocate for everyone in our communities,” he added. “I will fight to make sure our voices are heard and our needs are met. I’m proud to call this region my home and I’ll be honored to provide the hardworking representation it deserves in the state Senate.”