Town of Canisteo’s Monthly Meeting Flooded with Anti Wind Residents

April 8th, 2019

CANISTEO, NY – The Canisteo Town Board had an influx of anti-wind residents Monday evening in what many hoped was a last ditch effort to convince the board to rethink the Canisteo Wind project before it breaks ground.

Although the regular meeting was short, public comments extended well into the 2nd hour with the majority of the 30 plus people voicing their opposition to the 600 ft wind towers proposed to surround the town.

With Town Supervisor Steve Weed absent for personal reasons, council member’s Wally Wade, Bruce Jamison, Tony Stewart, and John Peisher all had an open ear to the possible detrimental effects of living in the vicinity of a wind tower.

“I just want what’s best for the Town,” said Stewart when the board was pressed on their opinions on the proposed project. John Peisher flat out stated he was against it. Stewart and Wade then proceeded to break down the wind law and announce changes they would like to see to the delight of some in the crowd.

Two representatives from Invenergy were present to defend the project and answer questions in hopes to try and calm fears that many had had. They announced that they are still a long ways away from breaking ground and that the public will get a chance to be heard as there will be a public education and statement hearing on April 16th at the Canisteo Fire Hall.

Below are clips of from some in attendance: