Tracy Mitrano’s Statement On Trump/Ukraine

September 26, 2019

From Democrat Congressional Candidate Tracy Mitrano:

Saying “The news out of the White House this week is very troubling, and the American people deserve to know more,” Democratic congressional candidate Tracy Mitrano (NY-23) came out in favor of an inquiry into President Trump’s communications with the President of Ukraine as described in a whistleblower complaint.
“In light of the White House’s unwillingness to cooperate with normal due process, I support a congressional impeachment inquiry and investigation into this whistleblower’s report about misuse of executive authority,” says Mitrano, who is a lawyer by profession.
“Partisan politics used to stop at the waters edge,” says Mitrano. “Our nation needs to be united in supporting our foreign allies and keep DC politics out of it. The White House is not merely President Trump’s private office. It sets the tone for American law and ethics, both foreign and domestic.
“Congress allocated $391 million in military assistance to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression,” Mitrano added. “It serves American interests to keep Russia at bay. The President does not have the authority to gamble with American interests by withholding funds.
“It is doubly troubling for him to use those funds as a bargaining chip in exchange for partisan purposes,” she says. “The people of New York’s 23rd District expect more, much more, from whoever occupies the Oval Office, Republican or Democrat. Let’s set the record straight: no one is above the law.”