AUDIO: Senator Young And State Labor Commissioner

February 9, 2017

ALBANY, NY – During yesterday’s New York State budget hearings, State Senator Cathy Young(R, Olean) had an interesting back and forth with New York State Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon, over the rollout of the minimum wage increase, and the way that it went for the fast food industry.

Sen. Young questioned the labor commissioner about why there were differences in what minimum wage employees who were doing similar jobs. The Olean Republican also quizzed the Robert Reardon on overtime salaries, and if the Labor Department reached out to employers about the minimum wage increase, before it started to go into effect. “There was a 7 week comment period, correct? The question is, did you reach out to employers in New York State, to figure out how they were going to absorb all of these new changes that were coming down the pike all at once,” Senator Young asked.