Village of Canisteo Facing High Rate of Unpaid Water/Sewer Bills.

December 4th, 2017

CANISTEO, NY – An audit was performed November 15th and 16th by the NYS Comptroller’s office on water/sewer billing in the village of Canisteo. As a result, it was relayed to the Mayor that Canisteo has an unusually high rate of unpaid bills. According to the report, a village the size of Canisteo usually has an amount of unpaid bills at around $18,000, with Canisteo’s coming in at over $140,000.

“That is certainly a concern for the village as it should be,” said the Mayor, “And we are definitely going to be looking into ways of recouping that money.” One idea was to look into billing quarterly instead of every 6 months which in turn would place a more gradual financial burden on village residence.

According to Trustee Tim Harkenrider, there already is an option to pay quarterly that most people may be unaware of, and any questions or concerns about bills and billing can be directed to the Village Clerk.