November 8, 2016

UPDATE – 9:45am Wed, Nov 9: Here’s the latest on Hartsville: according to the Steuben County Board of Elections, there are 31 absentee ballots, they don’t know how many affidavits. What we can report at this time, is that the town supervisors race has John Bowles with 153 votes, and Democrat Mike Muhliesan 136 votes. That race cannot be called as of yet. The same is true for the Hartsville town board race where Leon Woodworth has 137 votes and Anita McCann 106 votes, and again, we cannot call that town board race right now. We can tell you that the county board of elections says that Tom DeWall won the Hartsville Highway Superintendent’s race, and that Jessica Henderson won the Hartsville Town Clerk’s race. They cannot, at this time, call the three way town justice race between Maddie Parini, Catherine Burdick and Buddy Gettman.

State Senator Tom O’Mara defeated Leslie Danks Burke.
O’Mara – 58,569 votes
Danks Burke – 48,129
update – November 9, 9:06am – Statement from Sen. O’Mara:
“I deeply appreciate this vote of confidence and support from the voters of the 58th Senate District. We had a full discussion of the key challenges, crises and issues facing the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions — from agriculture to manufacturing, from education to transportation, and from job creation to tax relief — and I’m grateful to the voters for responding so positively and strongly to the case our campaign built on the foundation of my commitment, experience and record. It’s a great honor to continue representing the 58th District, and a great responsibility. I’m excited about continuing the important work we’ve started together.”

Congressman Tom Reed wins over John Plumb.
Reed – 149,439 votes
Plumb – 107,673 votes

Senator Young is re-elected, defeating Lee Hyson.
Young – 87,013
Hyson – 17,661

Errigo defeats Baer for Nojay seat in the Assembly:
Joe Errigo: 32,972 votes
Barbara Baer: 24,823 votes

Judge David Coddington (R, Hornell) defeats Joe Pelych (D, Hornell) for Hornell City Judge.
Coddington 1502 votes
Pelych – 1297 votes
Coddington – 53%