2019 Election Results

November 5, 2019

From The Steuben County Board of Elections:

Steuben County Legislator:
Paul Van Caeseele (R) 733
Randy Weaver (D) 397

Hornell 9th ward:
Steve Shinebarger (R) 146
Ron Nasca (D) 89

Hornell 7th ward
Kevin Valentine (R) 87
Fred Lehman (D) 42

Hornell 3rd ward
John Allison (D) 80
Molly Liberto (R) 64
(Update 8:38am – there are 8 absentees, so Allison is declaring victory this morning)

Canisteo Highway Superintendents Race:
Carlton Howland 377
Wally Wade 325

Also in Canisteo, James Dennis won the town board race,
James Dennis 389 votes
Anthony Stewart 226 votes

In Hartsville, the prop to make the highway superintendent’s job a four year position, passed.

In Almond, the prop to change from elected to appointed, 168 no votes 105 yes votes that’s without absentees, but there’s not enough to change the vote.

Winners of the state supreme court judge races:
Republicans Kevin Nasca and Matthew Rosenbaum.