21 Year Old Charged With Vandalism Acts Against Congressman Reed

June 10 2021

Congressman Tom Reed put out a statement, saying that a suspect has been charged for the vandalism committed against both his office on Market Street where a brick was thrown through a window, and his home, where a dead animal was found tied with a note about one of Reed’s relatives. The campaign office incident happened in August 2020, the animal incident at Reed’s home happened in late October of 2020.

Corning media outlets are reporting that the suspect is 21 year old Jack Kahabaka of Watkins Glen. Kahabaka has been charged with making terroristic threats and vandalism in the third degree. He was arrested by Corning Police.

See Reed’s full statement below:

“Today, we are incredibly thankful that our family can rest easier knowing the person who threatened and intimidated us this past fall has been arrested. We continue to be grateful for the remarkable efforts of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. We applaud the service of these dedicated men and women. We also want to thank the people of our community for their support throughout this ordeal – our family appreciates it more than you know. While this incident greatly impacted our family, we hope this starts the closure and healing process in this matter.”