222nd Returns to Hornell

222nd Returns to Hornell
December 21, 2013

Sgt. Brandon Gallagher of Belmont, NY


Sgt. Elizabeth Polkinkowski of Arkportsgt-Elizabeth-Polkinkowski, NY
HORNELL, NY – The National Guard’s 222nd military police company returned home from Qatar on Saturday afternoon. Sgt. Brandon Gallagher of Belmont was of many whose glad to be back. “It’s great, it’s good that I’m able to see my family, and the fact that we’re home before the holidays makes it even better,” Holmes told WLEA News.

Sgt. Elizabeth Polkinkowski of Arkport says that some of the soldiers were picked up by the family and friends in Rochester, and that others were driven home from Rochester to Hornell, by the military.

Sgt. Brandon Gallagher of Belmont, NY, on arriving home just before the holidays – Video