3D Mammograms, At Noyes Memorial

October 7, 2021

DANSVILLE — Noyes Health is proud to offer the most state-of-the-art 3D mammography, right in Dansville.

The new machine uses Tomosynthesis 3D mammography, the most advanced technology to take images of your breast from different angles, and combines them to create a more complete and accurate image than regular 2D digital mammography.

Studies have shown that Tomosynthesis finds invasive cancers at a 40% higher rate than regular 2D mammograms. It can also pinpoint hard to find cancers that may otherwise be unnoticed, particularly in areas of dense tissue.

3D mammography follows the same basic procedure that you’re probably accustomed to with regular 2D digital mammography.

Jane Schryver, a vocal supporter of the hospital, pledged $100,000 this spring to bring the state-of-the-art technology to Dansville after the decision was made to stop using the old, dated machine.

“I had a mammogram here, then once I had to get the next one, I had to go to Geneseo,” said Schryver. “Noyes has a cancer center here, people should be able to get mammograms here as well.”

In addition to the new machine, the mammography suite also got a complete renovation.

“We are incredibly grateful for Jane’s generosity,” said J. Chad Teeters, President and CEO of Noyes Health. “The addition of this new technology to the hospital will undoubtedly save lives.”

To schedule your mammogram:

Dansville: 585-335-4236

Geneseo: 585-991-6016​