A New Lighting District – Woodlands Community Group Topics at Hornellsville’s Town Board Meeting

February 14, 2017

ARKPORT, NY – At Tuesday night’s monthly meeting of the Hornellsville town board numerous representatives and tenants from the Woodlands Community Group (Formerly Green Acres) showed up to request acceptance into the towns water and sewer district.

The current residents, having been plagued for years with water and sewer problems, have secured a $750,000 grant for renovations with the total cost of the project just over $1 million. The remainder of the balance will be raised by the tenants and were adamant that they will not depend on the town for any subsidies. “Basically we are self-sufficient at this point,” said one representative, “All we are requesting is that you include us into your district and help us out with maintenance.”

The plan will include two new pump stations, fire hydrants, a septic tank per every three homes, and a new water service to each home. If everything goes as planned work will begin on the 15 ¾ acre park by the end of the year and must be finished within two years according to the terms of the grant. The town agreed to review the proposal and get back to the group promptly.

In other news board member Dan Broughton brought up a request by a few town businesses and residents a need for another lighting district. The addition, if approved, will be starting at Maple City Dodge running up and around the Bowling Center and down the back side past Maple Court Homes. Also included will be the curve around Arkport Cycles and the animal shelter. The town currently has two lighting districts and this would make three. The board agreed to move forward with the next step creating a map and doing a cost analysis to determine what costs each resident/business will incur.