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After Decades With Hornell IDA, Shawn Hogan Calls It A Day

August 22, 2023

HORNELL, NY – Appearing on the WLEA Newsmaker Show recently, Shawn Hogan, who became mayor in 1986, and joined the Hornell I.D.A. that same year, said he is now all finished with his work at the Hornell Industrial Development Agency. “I left the Hornell I.D.A. in July, on July 15 to be exact,” Hogan told Wlea. “My contract expired as a consultant, and the projects I was working on are pretty much complete. There is some cleanup work to be done in the fall, but the Hampton Inn and the E.D.A. (Economic Development Association) portion of the Alstom Project are about complete. The sidewalk is done, the parking lot is too, the Shawmut Drive has been repaved. The only thing that remains to be taken care of is the relocation of the 20 inch water line, which won’t take place until October, and the installation of the new pump station at that location. So now I am officially and totally retired and I’m liking it,” Hogan said.

Shawn Hogan’s work at the Hornell IDA will forever be tied with fellow Hornellians Jim Griffin and Sam Nasca. IDA Chairman Sam Nasca retired from the Hornell Industrial Development Agency about three years ago, and Jim Griffin left the Hornell I.D.A. at the end of December, 2022. “You’ve got TTA, Alstom, Stroebel Supply, Grey Manufacturing, Amexstra, to make a long story short, all of the buildings the I.D.A. took title to, are all filled. I’m proud to have been a part of those projects, there’s a lot that happened in this community, the Walmart, Lowes, Wegmans, the old Marion Rohr building (The Rockland Silk Mill, Luxury Lofts). There is a lot that has taken place with the partnership with the Hornell I.D.A., and we all worked hard to make things work, all for the betterment of the community.”

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