After Feds Slam Green Light Law – Cuomo Hits Back With Another Lawsuit

February 10, 2020

Just before noon today, the U.S. Attorneys Offices across the state, put out a statement, criticizing the state’s new Green Light Law. According to the statement from the U.S. Attorneys in New York State, the new state law makes it difficult for federal agents to investigate crimes, and not just investigate those who are undocumented. “The Green Light Law impedes Homeland Security’s ability to use Department of Motor Vehicles information to assist them in stopping transnational criminal organizations, cybercrime, and offenses involving drug trafficking and money laundering; murder, sexual assault, and other crimes of violence; racketeering and extortion; the illegal use and possession of firearms; economic espionage, telemarketing fraud, and elder fraud; human trafficking; and child exploitation, as well as illegal immigration.”

Just over an hour later, Governor Andrew Cuomo responded, saying the state is filing another lawsuit. New York State is now suing the Trump Administration, Homeland Security, ICE and the heads of ICE and Homeland Security. “Not only does this policy affect public safety, but it specifically harms New York’s economy and commerce, as well as individual travelers,” the governor stated. “As fewer New Yorkers enroll and re-enroll in TTPs, consequences will ripple throughout the state. Congested lines at New York’s airports — the top three of which served more than 138 million passengers in 2018 — and other border crossings will strain resources and undermine safety for all travelers. New York’s economy will suffer as wait times at border crossings increase, employers doing global business will be placed at a competitive disadvantage, and residents who rely on cross-border travel will lose access to these programs. DHS’ decision immediately affects tens of thousands of New Yorkers and will impact hundreds of thousands of state residents within a year.”