Albany Reporter Liz Benjamin’s Take On What Happened…

July 12, 2015


ALBANY, NY – Time Warner Cable Reporter and Anchor Liz Benjamin wrote an article that gave a lot of new information and background on the confusion that surrounded Saturday’s statement from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office.


“Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi quickly jumped into the fray, insisting that “no provision of the SAFE Act…has been rolled back or altered due to this memorandum,” and that it merely codified what the State Police have long been saying – the technology for the ammunition-sale database is not yet ready, and won’t be for the foreseeable future,” Benjamin explained.  “But despite Azzopardi’s best effort, the MOU was widely characterized as a weakening of the SAFE Act in media reports, and also a giveaway by Cuomo to the Senate GOP.”  


So what was the statement from Cuomo’s counsel on Saturday issued for?  Benjamin continues.  “In response, the Cuomo administration stepped up its pushback effort, releasing a lengthy statement yesterday from the governor’s counsel, Alphonso David, seeking to “clarify” what he deemed the mischaracterization of the MOU.”

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