Argentieri: If We Send A Resolution To Cuomo, We Should Send One To Reed

February 17, 2021

HORNELL, NY – The Hornell Common Council has voted to send a resolution to the governor, about cutting funding to Hornell. It was a unanimous vote, however, 4th Ward Alderman Rich Argentieri, stated during the vote, that he believed that if the Hornell Common Council was going to make a resolution about the governor, that the council should also send a resolution to Congressman Tom Reed. “We should also have a second resolution, to push our Congressman Tom Reed to pass that Covid-Relief bill, which is $350 billion, and I believe, if anyone’s paying attention, and I think there is a hundred fifty (billion) earmarked, for small communities like us, and counties,” said Argentieri. “So I am ‘yes’ all the way, but I also think, we’ve got to hit it from all directions guys, this isn’t a team game, this is Hornell, New York. My answer is yes, but I also think, we should have a resolution for Mr. Reed to do the right thing for us, help us to push that Covid relief fund.”

At that point, Mayor Buckley answered that he did not know what Alderman Argentieri was talking about. “Congressman Reed and Senator Schumer have been on the same page, pushing stimulus for New York State.”

Click below to hear the full back and forth, between Buckley and Argentieri.