Alfred Village Leaders And Residents Talk Zoning

Alfred Zoning Law Update


February 11, 2014

ALFRED, N.Y. – Zoning was the big topic of discussion Tuesday night at the Village board meeting. Community members and college students were invited to attend the annual meeting to exchange views and ideas on how to coexist in Alfred. Village officials are concerned that with the rising number of multiple occupant housing used by students in the village, the property tax rolls will steadily decrease. Village Mayor Grigg said that when you have a large number of residents in what might typically be a single family dwelling, the village has to provide more services such as garbage removal, police, fire, etc. per household which costs the village more money which is not reflected in the property tax rolls. Mayor Grigg also noted there is a compatibility issue with students and permanent residents living in the same neighborhoods, and the village is looking at ways to facilitate coexistence between the community members that live in Alfred permanently and the college students that live there six to nine months a year in the village.

A student in attendance, voiced his concern that all college students were being targeted as a result of the actions of a relative few, to which Alfred Village Police Chief Tim O’Grady replied, “80 percent of the arrests that are made are college students, that is a fact.” Other community members voice their displeasure with the noise, and parties and garbage that the students leave behind while visiting these residences, wanting a remedy from the village board.

In other action, the Village board also discussed a pay as you go means of garbage collection to lower the burden on the village budget for removal of refuse. “pay as you throw” initiatives have sprung up in quite a number of communities looking to lower the cost of operation. Typically a customer would pay for either a tag, garbage bag, or a container that would be required for trash pickup. The Village will pick up the hot topic of hydrofracking and related activities moratoriu,m at the next board meeting on March 11, 2014 at 7:15 p.m.