Allegany Co Health Dept Statement on Recalled toys

March 14 2023

The Allegany County Department of Health wants to encourage parents to immediately take recalled products away from children and stop using them. Please review the recalled products below.

Primark Children’s bamboo plates: Contain high levels of lead and formaldehyde.

Opalescent Angel Wings children’s headbands: Contain levels of lead that exceed federal lead content ban.

Lead and formaldehyde are both toxic if ingested by children and can cause serious health effects. To have these updates sent directly to your email, sign-up for children’s product recall alerts at www.cpsc.gov/Newsroom/Subscribe. The companies are offering full refunds for consumers who purchased the products and more details can be found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

Remember, lead poisoning is a risk to every child, but children between the ages of 1 and 2 are more likely to be exposed to lead dust and paint through crawling and hand-to-mouth activities. That is why New York Public Health Law states that children are to be tested for lead at age 1 and again at age 2. Talk to your child’s healthcare provider today about testing them for lead.

Follow the Allegany County Department of Health on Facebook and visit www.health.ny.gov/lead to learn more about how you can protect your family from lead. We share updates about product recalls for clothes, toys, jewelry, furniture, etc. that contain lead-based paint. For more information check the National Lead Information Center: www.epa.gov/lead and lead in drinking water website: www.epa.gov/safewater/lead. Call the Allegany County Department of Health at (585) 268-9250 for more information.


Brenda Rigby Riehle, Clerk of the Board