Allegany Co Issues Statement About Vaccines

January 21, 2021

The Allegany County Department of Health (ACDOH) would like Allegany County residents to know that the COVID-19
vaccine supply is very limited right now in Allegany County as well as Western New York and New York State. We
continue to ask each week for additional allocations of COVID-19 vaccine for our residents.
The limited allocation of COVID-19 vaccine doses for this week (1/18/2021) has already been scheduled. Once the COVID-
19 vaccine supply chain catches up, we will be able to offer larger clinics with more appointments. The ACDOH is not sure
when the COVID-19 vaccine supply will increase, but is asking Allegany County residents to please be patient while we
wait for additional allocations of COVID-19 vaccine. As long as the ACDOH has vaccine we will continue to get COVID-
19 vaccine into the arms of our County residents each and every week.

The ACDOH is still vaccinating in priority groups 1-A and 1-B. These priority groups make up a large population of
Allegany County residents. To determine if you fall in priority group 1-A or 1-B, go to the following link to determine your
For those age 65 years and over, you may contact the Allegany County Office for the Aging at 585-268-9390 to be added
to their waiting list and for assistance with making online appointments when COVID-19 vaccine is available in Allegany
County. Please be patient and wait for others to be vaccinated if it is not your turn. The Allegany County Department of
Health will not be taking wait list individuals under the age of 65 at this time. Anyone in priority group 1-A or 1-B and
under the age of 65 who needs assistance with registering for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, when COVID-19
vaccine is available, please call the Allegany County Department of Health at 585-268-9250.

For more information on COVID-19 vaccine go to the New York State Department of Health COVID-19 vaccine website
at and the Allegany County website at