Allegany County Appeals To The Public: Help Us Slow Down Covid

November 23, 2020

From The Allegany County Public Health Department:

The Allegany County Department of Health would like to make a public appeal to the residents of Allegany
County. Please help us slow the increase of the COVID-19 infection rate here in Allegany County. As
Allegany County moves closer to a potential yellow zone designation, we need to work together to protect our
residents, help our hospitals and healthcare providers, and keep our businesses open.
As we continue to see the increase in the Allegany County COVID-19 infection rate, this also has implications
on our hospital and healthcare system County wide. If you are sick or feeling ill, it is important to self-isolate,
call your primary care provider, and get yourself tested. If you are unable to get into your primary care
provider or you do not have one, you can call the Allegany County Department of Health at 585-268-9250 press
#4. Please leave your name and telephone number, and please answer your phone when someone calls you back
to do the pre-registration.

One way we battle the novel coronavirus is to know your status, and if you are positive, we need to know all of
your contacts in order to break the virus transmission chain. The public can continue to assist our office by
downloading the COVID Alert NY application. If you do not wish to download the application, you can make
lists of your contacts two days prior to becoming ill and keep them handy for when we call.
We need to work together during this holiday season to slow the COVID-19 infection rate. Limit your exposure
during the holidays by celebrating in smaller groups and with people that live with you. Ask relatives, family,
friends, and neighbors not to travel during the holidays. Do your holiday shopping online to limit your exposure
in crowded malls or stores, have items shipped, or do outside of store pickups (curbside). Remember to wear a
mask covering your mouth and nose, keep a social distance of six feet or more, wash your hands or use
hand sanitizer, and avoid crowded areas.

For more information about COVID-19 please call 585-268-9250 or check out the