Allegany County Gov’t Reaching Out To Last Week’s Storm Victims

July 20, 2015

ALLEGANY COUNTY, NY – The Allegany County Government is reaching out to Allegany County residents who were victims of last week’s severe storms.
See below:

Public Safety Facility, 4884 State Route 19, Belmont, New York 14813
Telephone 585-268-7658 Fax 585-268-9695

Press Release
July 20, 2015
For Release: Immediately
Confirmation: Jeff Luckey, Director, Office of Emergency Management & Fire
Contact Number: (585) 268-5290

Damage Reports from 7/14/15 Storm
Severe Rain Storm July 14, 2015
A severe rain storm impacted our area on July 14, 2015. The Allegany County Office of Emergency Services is collecting damage assessments from Allegany County residents. If your property sustained damage from this storm, please contact our office at (585) 268-5290 or vanhoub@alleganyco.com with the following information:
• Property owner’s name, address of property, and contact information
• Estimate of damage (estimated by property owner)
• Pictures of damage – during the storm, after the storm (before cleanup/repairs), during cleanup efforts, and after cleanup/repairs
• Copies of receipts or estimates for any storm-related damages and expenses
Please call the Office of Emergency Services to give us your information and feel free to email, mail, or drop off any pictures or receipts you may have at our office at the Public Safety Building (jail) at 4884 State Route 19 in Belmont between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays.
IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no promise of “FEMA funding” to repair your property. At this time we are simply collecting information on the damage our county sustained. You are encouraged to make any cleanup efforts or repairs possible. If, by chance, any assistance becomes available we will be sure to get that information out to all that have contacted us immediately.
Any questions or concerns should also be directed to our office at (585) 268-5290. Thank you.