Almond Town Board Discuss Water Pump, Stretchers and Park Pavilion

September 3, 2019

ALMOND, NY-The Almond Town Board met last evening for the month to discuss several upcoming projects. Among the business on the agenda was replacing the Almond II Water pump which failed the pump test 3 weeks due to a rotted tank connection requiring $700 to $800 to repair. A possible new generator was also in the talks as well as the purchase of a refurbished stretcher for emergency calls by the fire department with an estimated to cost of $8,950. Fire Chief Andy Hulbert  announced hydrant flushing will occur on Saturday, September 21 for the village.

Zoning Officer Steve Kilmer announced that the pavilion in the Almond park will go back up and the funds to resurrect it will be covered by Lowe’s as part of an annual project the company does for the community. The pavilion is to be installed after this weekend’s Community Days that take place Saturday September 7.
The next Almond Town Board meeting is Tuesday October 1 at 7pm.