Alstom/Amtrak Deal: Near Completion

July 25, 2016
Congressman Tom Reed sent out this email this morning:

Tom Reed joined Senator Chuck Schumer to announce the expected completion of the final step in the federal grant funding process for Alstom in Hornell. “We join with Senator Schumer in celebrating the near completion of the contract. We care about creating the quality, family sustaining jobs in our region. This funding recognizes that we have a workforce that is second to none and will have a long lasting positive impact on our community. It’s only right that we continue to stand with Alstom, and celebrate this victory for local workers. We will continue to work together with Senator Schumer, the Department of Transportation, Alstom, Amtrak and our team of local leaders and are proud to bring this investment to our region.”
The funding comes as part Amtrak’s efforts to modernize its rail cars. The project is part of the Acela Express services, a $2.5 billion program, which will directly create 400 jobs at Alstom in Hornell.
“We have been working with a team of local leaders on this issue, stewarding the proposal through the process for years. It’s great to see this get to the finish line for the sake of Hornell and so many families in our region,” said Reed.

The Amtrak board is expected to have its Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing loan to be approved before voting to proceed on the award to Alstom this week.
Update: 1:57pm: Mayor Shawn Hogan called it a “happy day” and “a big shot in the arm for Alstom and Hornell.” Hogan also thanked Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Chuck Schumer, saying that without the governor and his staff, the deal may have never happened. The mayor also noted that Sen. Schumer did a great job “ushering the deal through the federal bureucracy.”

Update: 2:34pm: Statement from Senator Tom O’Mara:
“The creation of approximately 400 manufacturing jobs at Alstom is unbelievably great and important news for the Southern Tier economy and especially for Alstom’s workers and their families together with the entire Hornell area. It’s another foundation of manufacturing that’s critically important to job growth in Steuben County, across the Southern Tier and all throughout Upstate New York. It’s an unbelievable testament to the quality of Alstom and its workforce, as well as to the perseverance of Senator Schumer, Congressman Reed, Mayor Hogan and so many community leaders. Very simply, it’s going to make a huge difference for the future of economic development across the Southern Tier.”