Amanda Kirchgessner Gets Auto Workers Union Endorsement

October 1, 2018

TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY – Democrat candidate for state senate, Amanda Kirchgessner, issued the following statement, about picking up the United Auto Workers Union endorsement:

This endorsement comes at a crucial time when labor unions are speaking out against government as usual, including anti-labor decisions like the recent findings in Janus v. AFSCME. The working people of the 58th district are ready for a new voice and new leadership which will represent and speak for them. They feel that Kirchgessner’s ability to relate to working people, and her origins as a working person, make her the ideal candidate for the 58th.

A letter co-signed by four UAW officials, including National Representatives and Region 9 Director Jeff Binz, reads “We felt strongly that you have much to offer your constituency and our membership.”

Amanda Kirchgessner is running on a platform of restoring dignity in the workforce, organizing traditionally un-represented neighborhoods and communities against leaders who behave like slumlords, and giving hard-working Americans a fair shot, instead of perpetuating a system which only sends benefits to the super-wealthy and privileged.

Says Kirchgessner, “I’m honored to have received this endorsement from the UAW Region 9. In Albany, I will fight every day for the working people of New York. We must preserve rights like collective bargaining when unions are under daily assault from right-wing, out-of-the mainstream powerful interests that would strip workers of their rights.”