Another Citizen Recognition Award in the City

July 9th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor John Buckley awarded another Hornell resident an award for the outstanding job on the beautification of their property.

Bob Nary, of 24 East Main Street, was recognized for the outstanding job he has done over the years meticulously growing a flower garden in his yard.

Nary said that he has been actively in the gardening business over 65 years and to this day still spends 10 plus hours a day in the spring working in his flower bed. “I have probably got 3,000 hours into this,” said Nary, “and I still enjoy every minute of it.”

Buckley added, “This one of the few houses that when you drive by you slow down. When you drive by it is not hard to notice the beauty!”

Since Buckley has taken office, he has made it a point to acknowledge people that have worked diligently to make their property and the city a pleasant view for everyone.