Another Dollar General Store Meeting In Arkport

August 26, 2020

Over 70 Arkport residents came out again, on Wednesday night, for another meeting about Dollar General putting a store on Route 36 in Arkport.

Issues brought up by the public, included:
* -9.8 thousand cars are already driving past the location Dollar General wants
* Property values decreasing because they would be near the Dollar General store
* Wanting a real analysis of what traffic is like in Arkport, not just traffic during the Covid period
* Concerns of flooding in neighboring yards
* Pollution in the nearby streams, where there are fish
* Peaceful nights wouldn’t be so peaceful because of the cars and lights

Also, there was talk of how there’s over 300 signatures on an online petition, objecting to the Dollar General Store, coming to that location.
The Broadway Group, which is representing the dollar store, requested that the zoning board hold off until more SEQR information is held. The zoning board might have another meeting on this issue in November.