Another Larry “Hot Dog” Stephens Political Ad

A Two Page Larry Stephens Political Ad
May 18, 2014



HORNELLSVILLE, NY – Larry “Hot Dog” Stephens has taken out another newspaper political ad, once again accusing Hornellsville Town Supervisor Ken Isaman of “corruption” and “greed”, over the BOCES access road project, (accusations that Isaman denies).
Background: the planning for the BOCES access road project goes back to 2006. The road has never been finished, according to Isaman, that’s because of delays in getting permits from New York State. For months, Stephens has been going to Hornellsville meetings, and video recording them, posting videos and editorials about Hornellsville Town politics on Hornellsvilleunderground.com.

In the new two page political ad that appeared in the May 18th Sunday Spectator, Stephens criticized the Evening Tribune, saying he paid almost $7,000 in newspaper ads this month, to expose what Stephens says the newspaper won’t. Stephen’s ad then explains that it’s “big city” newspapers and Larry Stephens, that really do investigate corruption.

So what is it that the Tribune is supposedly holding back on? According to Stephen’s ad, Ken Isaman is favoring Bob Rink’s commercial development, over student safety. Stephens alleges that if the new road is built, it would take a half-an-hour to evacuate students from BOCES. Stephens says it’s a “no brainer” to put the access road on the Cemetery Road.

We spoke with Town Supervisor Isaman, who tells WLEA News that Steuben County Engineers drew up the plans for the BOCES access road, and that the county engineers wanted the BOCES access road on Bald Hill.

The new ad also accuses Ken Isaman of wanting to set up a bob-sledding hill on Bald Hill, and Stephens ties the Bob Sledding idea in to Maple Mountain Resort, without providing any evidence for that claim. Isaman maintains that’s a ridiculous idea.

Isaman says he is not benefiting financially from the BOCES access project in any way, and that he is only interested in student safety.