Another Member Of The House Might Want The Reed Seat

May 19, 2022

STEUBEN COUNTY, NY – Steuben County GOP Chairman Joe Sempolinski says that Congressman Chris Jacobs out of Buffalo, wants to run in this district, if the congressional maps that come out tomorrow, are like the one that came out Monday (meaning, if the maps that are out Friday, includes Erie County). “So right now, we’ve had Congresswoman Tenney thinking about running in the southern tier,” Sempolinski said on Newsmaker today. “Tenney still may want to run here. We now have Congressman Jacobs, who lives in that new district and represents a good chunk of it (that Erie County portion) that may be expressing some interest there. So I think we have the two most prominent folks, two incumbent members of Congress, that may want to run in that district,” Sempolinski said.