Another Vandalism Complaint At Fillmore Central

September 9, 2015

ALLEGANY COUNTY, NY – State Police say that there has been another vandalism complaint from Fillmore Central School. According to troopers, two juveniles, both males, and one adult male, who were, as of this year, students at Fillmore Central. This second act of vandalism is said to have happened on August 28 (the same day as the spray paint vandalism at Fillmore Central).
The three students who are believed to be involved in this particular incident, are accused of taking tomatoes and throwing them against the bathroom walls and broke one of the toilets. Troopers say that the students also used the office computers to look at pornography.
The charges against the suspects are 3rd degree burglary, and most of them were issued appearance tickets to appear before the Allegany County Family Court.
Officials say that the adult student will appear before the Town of Hume Court on Thursday, September 10.
State Police also say that a young female juvenile was misidentified by school officials because of an unclear surveillance camera image.
The troopers say that the female is no longer a suspect.