Arkport Central School Board President Hoyt On Common Core

Arkport Central School Board President Talks Common Core
November 14, 2013

ARKPORT, NY – Arkport Central School Board president Steven Hoyt says he likes Common Core, and that it’s a vocal minority that dislikes Common Core in Arkport. “I’m for the Common Core,” Hoyt said at Wednesday night’s Arkport Central School Board meeting. But Hoyt also expressed mixed feelings. “I’m not sure I like how it was presented to us,” Hoyt noted. “I don’t like that they were writing it as we were asked to present it.”

The school board president went on to say that it is not unpopular with all parents. “I don’t have a majority of parents that are sitting here, saying that ‘this is absolutely wrong, this is not right for my kid,'” Hoyt told Common Core opponents who were present at last night’s meeting.

Arkport Central School board Pres Steven Hoyt, common core november 14 2013 – Video