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Arkport Merger Study Panel Comes Back with Mixed Reviews

April 22, 2015

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ARKPORT, NY – The Arkport school board met with a panel of six local residents Wednesday afternoon to discuss the pro’s and cons of a possible merger between the Arkport, Alfred Almond and Canaseraga school districts. This panel was funded and chosen by the Arkport board to give an unbiased opinion.

Of the six panelists, three were opposed, two were in favor, and one was undecided. There were a number of reasons for opposition with the main ones being transportation, lack of a substantial benefit tax wise for Arkport, and schools losing their “unique” identity. One panelist suggested that the Canaseraga school district was doomed with or without the merger.

One high school student was present and stated she was in favor of the merger and the potential new offerings it would bring to students.

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