Arkport School Board Picks New Leadership

November 9, 2016

ARKPORT, NY – The Arkport BOE nominated Patrick Flaitz as President and Jennifer Swartz as Vice President at Wednesday evening’s monthly meeting. The president’s position was vacated when Steven Hoyt retired last month.

Richard Ertel, CPA from the Amato Fox Company, gave the board their annual auditor’s report for the year ending June 30, 2016. The District took in $10,161,000 and spent $9,914,000 which gave them a net income of $247,000 for the year. “This is a very good income statement,” said Ertel, “Last year you were negative $161,000 so you lost money but you made that up and then some this year.” “You don’t have a whole lot of control over your revenues,” Ertel continued, “but you do have control over your expenditures and apparently you’re doing a very good job there.”

The Arkport senior class will be heading to Boston, Massachusetts this spring on the weekend of May 12-14 for their senior trip. Out of 25 students in the class, 18 plan on going at a cost of $708 per student. The group plans to raise at least half of that through numerous fundraisers throughout the year.

K-6th principle Caitlin Dewey told the board that the school should look into having someone of authority in the school at an earlier time because the current situation presents a liability/security risk. Because not all students ride the bus, some are getting to school as early as 7:20 AM and no one is there to monitor them until close to 8 AM. Teachers and aides are not required to be in the building until 7:55 AM. The board agreed to send the issue to the shared decision making committee for review.

In another matter Dewey said the state has mandated that student’s transition from paper based testing to computer based testing by the year 2020, and so far from what she has seen it has went well with her students.