Arkport Slashes Capitol Project Costs

August 11, 2016

Arkport, NY – The upcoming Capitol Project was under much debate Wednesday night with board president Glenn Niles adamant about trimming it to the point of having a zero percent impact on taxpayers. To do this they originally had to cut $1.8 million but after deciding to drop the bond rate from 5% to 4.75% only $1.55 million needed to be axed. The board agreed that the small gymnasium is not a major priority at this point but the cafeteria is so the renovations to the small gym are off the table at this time. There will be two propositions for the Capitol Project on the ballot. The first will be for the scope of the work with a zero percent impact on the taxpayers and the second proposition will be for the cafeteria upgrades. “We really need that first proposition to pass the first time,” said Niles. “If it doesn’t we have to go through a variety of other steps taking up a minimum of 50 to 55 days which could then push the vote back to early spring.”

Also the Arkport Board was happy to announce it will be receiving a generous $20,000 Rural Schools grant for their general fund. A letter was read from the offices of Tom Omara and Phil Palmesano at the board meeting explaining the money and its origin. “Well take it,” said Steve Hoyt after reading the letter and Niles added they will be sending a follow up thank you letter.

And finally a resolution was passed increasing the tuition for out of district students by $50. Families will now be paying $1250 for the first student and $1400 for two or more.