Arkport Talks New Business, Grants, and Election

January 19, 2022

By Jasmine Willis

ARKPORT, NY — The village board ushered in the new year with mention of changes coming, grants and resolutions. The Arkport Village Board met on Jan 18 at 7 p.m. to talk about new business.

The USDA Rural Development Grant helped improve Main Street and East Avenue with new blacktop, concrete sidewalks, resurfacing and striping. This Main Street Grant has been received by the village board at the amount of $127,000. It helped immensely with the $187,000 project.

Adam Eason, Biggie’s Food Truck owner wishes to park his truck for the anniversary of Berry Vine Creations in March. The village board discussed him paying a $25 Vendors Fee. He would need to have insurance for the vehicle to ensure safety for the event.

Logan Sliter, Department of Public Works superintendent said the brand-new cemetery mower has 200 hours on it. The old 2019 cemetery mower has 240 hours on it. Sliter said the plowing and salting for this heavy storm is almost done. He has a little more left to do Wednesday. “Our Hometown Heroes Flags permits need to be in by March. We have 50 of them in so far. We can have up to 100 of them,” he said. “When people see them up, they want them.”

There was talk about not doing grass pickup anymore. Sliter said at the meeting this is the only municipality that provides this service. The grass pickup will be terminated and mention of this will be on the upcoming water bills. The village board said this service has been going on in the village for a long time, and sometimes the piles get to be two feet high. Arkport Mayor Thomas Dugo wants village residents to have plenty of notice to get a mulch mower for better quality this coming season.

Stiler said the contractors take advantage of this service and leave the pickup for the DPW instead of cleaning it up themselves. There have been occasions of trees being chopped down and debris left for the village to clean up afterwards. “We should leave an insert on the water bills that allow village residents to know we are no longer doing grass pickup. That way if they are looking into getting a new mower, they will know a mulcher is a good way to go,” Dugo said.

A cemetery maintenance worker is needed part-time. The village also requests a crossing guard and part-time cleaner for the village hall.

Arkport Treasurer Patricia Lupo gave a full report on the profits and losses for last month. The General Fund income was $3,028.53, and expenses were $21,145.69. Water Fund income was $7,794.08, and expenses were $57,175.07. There was no income or expense in the Capital Project Fund. Total expenses were $78,320.76.

The Republican Caucus is Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Village Community Room. The Democratic Caucus is Jan. 20 at 7 p.m. at the Village Community Room.

Trustee Ryan Beers read Resolution 22-11 Approval of Election Inspectors. The village board is required by law to appoint inspectors for the upcoming March 15, 2022 Village Elections. The village board appointed Charles and Kathy Bill, Patricia White and James Pullman.

The village board will meet again on Feb. 15 at 7 p.m.